I was going through some boxes a few days ago, getting rid of things that I no longer wanted or needed and I came across this mirror, before I could throw it away, something said look in the mirror so I did. I could barely see my reflection because the mirror had so many smudges. Immediately the word distortion came to mind....followed by the question. How do you see yourself when you look into this mirror? Wow!  The truth is, when I looked into the mirror, I realized that I still have my own doubts and insecurities. I can't write about everything that transpired in that moment, but I want you to ask yourself,

 How do I see myself?

📍Sometimes our minds convince us to believe negative things about ourselves and our world that are not necessarily true. A dirty mirror keeps you from seeing the beauty of who you truly are.

📍What do you need to clean your mirror? Here are a few suggestions:

Be honest with yourself, forgive yourself,  replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts and celebrate your successes even the small ones.

📍It's time to see yourself in a new lens. Never allow society to diminish the beauty that GOD created in you because none of it was a mistake.

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